Heavy Duty
Grill & Bake Mats
Keeps Your Grill
& Oven Clean!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee | As Seen on TV
copper chef grill and bake mats

Copper Chef Non-Stick Grill Mat: You'll Always Leave a Mark But You’ll Never Leave a Mess!

Tender, Even Cooking – With Professional Grill Marks!

Salmon Slides Right Off & Steak Never Sticks!

    Grill & Bake Mats

  • Reduces Burning Food
  • Baste Stays On Food, Does Not Spill Off
  • Nothing Sticks to the Mat
  • Grill Fish That Never Sticks
  • Grill Tech Design Cooks Food
  • Leaves Perfect Grill Marks
  • Reversible & Reusable
  • Do not use over 500° F
  • Keeps Your Grill & Oven Clean
  • Cuts Easily to Fit Any Size or Shape

Copper Chef Grill Mat is Reversible & Reusable— Outdoor Grilling & Oven Baking is Faster, Easier & Stress-Free!