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Copper Chef Knife Set FAQ's

Q. What does the 3-pc. Copper Chef Knife Set Include?
A. Your get the Copper Chef Multi-Purpose Pro-Chef Knife, Serrated Knife, and Fillet Knife.

Q. What do I use the Multi-Purpose Pro Chef Knife for?
A. Our Multi-Purpose Pro-Chef Knife is essential for preparing any meal— no matter how small. It’s perfect for slicing, dicing, and chopping protein, fruits, vegetables, and even cheese! Plus, it’s an excellent carving knife.

Q. What do I use the Non-Stick Serrated Knife for?
A. Not only is our Non-Stick Serrated Knife designed for slicing smoothly through raw meat and fish, it’s ideal for cutting toaster-perfect bread slices.

Q. What do I use the Versatile Fillet Knife for?
A. The Versatile Fillet Knife effortlessly slices the skin off of meat and fish without sticking. The thin, flexible design makes it perfect for boning, too.

Q. Are the knives easy to use?
A. Yes! Our knives are designed with ergonomic, easy-grip handles for ultimate precision and control.

Q. Can I use the knives to cut tough or sticky food?
A. All of our knives are engineered with Cerami-Tech Ever Sharp Technology for zero sticking— no matter what you’re cutting!

Q. How do I care for the knives?
A. Although the knives are dishwasher safe, we recommend cleaning by hand. Wash with warm water, nonabrasive soap, and a soft nonmetallic sponge or cloth. Allow knives to dry completely before storing safely for future use.